CESE BannerThe Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (CESE) engages in in-depth analysis of education practices and their effectiveness, using reliable data and knowledge. CESE provides sound-evidence for educators and policy makers to continually improve teaching and learning; to meet current and emerging needs for New South Wales teachers, students, parents and families, industry, and learning institutions.
CESE conducts and commissions evidence-based analysis and evaluation, which assists the NSW Government to make informed policy and program delivery decisions, and to direct investment.  CESE’s strategic priorities cover early learning, schooling, training and higher education in the government, Catholic and independent sectors.  


The Intersection between Child Health and Education

A presentation and paper by David Figlio, Director, Insitute for Policy Research at Northwestern University.

While the existing literature makes clear that there appears to be a permanent effect of poor neonatal health on socio-economic and health outcomes, it is important for a variety of policy reasons to know how poor neonatal health affects child development, and whether there are public policies that might act to remediate the negative relationship between early poor health and later-life outcomes.

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Research Paper

Statistical Bulletin 2012 - Schools and students in NSW

The Statistical Bulletin is an annual publication which presents a snapshot of NSW schools, preschools and students, including the Aboriginal status and language background of students.  The bulletin also includes trend data on enrolments in NSW Government and non-government schools from 1961 to the present day.

The 2012 Statistical Bulletin reports data from:

  • the census of students in NSW government schools
  • the census of students of language background other than English in government schools
  • the census of non-government schools undertaken by the Commonwealth Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

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Tell Them From Me: A survey of NSW secondary school students

CESE coordinated a survey of more than 78,000 secondary students from over 170 NSW Public Schools in late 2013. The survey was conducted by The Learning Bar, a Canadian education company that specialises in student surveys.

President and CEO of The Learning Bar, Dr J Douglas Willms talks about how survey data provides unique insights into student engagement and learning, and outlines some findings for NSW.

Business Intelligence for NSW Public Schools

The first release of the DEC Business Intelligence program is being rolled out to NSW public schools.

A fact sheet for principals describes the types of information the Business Intelligence program will make accessible; explains how the program will be delivered; and outlines controls in place to assure security, privacy and high quality data.  

Three principals outline how the new Business Intelligence tool will save time, enable better analysis and improve decision-making.

Effective Practices - Resource for Schools

Effective Practices

Outcomes of an evaluation of the Literacy and Numeracy National Partnership (LNNP) are being shared among NSW schools, helping  to improve knowledge about ‘what works’ in lifting students’ performance in reading, writing and mathematics, and overall engagement. 

Nine 'domains' of effective practice, forming a coordinated suite, provide practical advice for principals and teachers.

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