About us

About CESE

The Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (CESE) was created in 2012. We are the central point of education evidence within the NSW Department of Education, and Australia's first dedicated hub of education data and evaluation.

Read about our impact and priorities in our overview document (PDF, 400kB).

Read our current priority work (PDF, 170kB)

Our work is guided by an Advisory Council.

Our purpose

Education is an area of major public spending. Finding out what works helps us understand where investment will have the most impact. We ensure that the public get value for money, and students have the best opportunities to succeed.

CESE is an employer of choice. We want to be known for being collaborative, responsive, impartial, trusted and rigorous.

Produce evidence-informed research and publications

We share what works and provide resources for educators, policy-makers, researchers and the wider community. Search our publications.


Develop and manage online tools

We provide schools and the public access to information, streamline processes and improve practices. Online tools include:


Help educators to engage with data and evidence

We develop and deliver resources, professional learning and capacity building programs to provide practical support for front line educators in data use, evaluation and school planning; including:


Collect, analyse and report on essential education data

We coordinate annual data collections, as well as the Tell Them From Me surveys. Open data is published on the NSW Education data hub. Historical information can be found on the History of NSW schools website. You can also submit a data request.


Evaluate education programs and strategies

Ensure data quality, integrity and confidentiality

We establish department-wide policies and protocols to manage, protect and safely share information.