Publicly available data

Publicly available data

This page provides useful links to publicly available education data. It is not an exhaustive list and focuses mainly on NSW government school data.


NSW Department of Education data

The NSW Department of Education focuses on NSW public schools. The department publishes data through:

Statistical publications

Tell Them From Me publications (information from the Tell Them From Me school surveys).


School lists

- The NSW public school Master dataset - a full list of NSW government schools with enrolment and other information.


Class types

The NSW Education Data Hub has some useful datasets on class type and size, including:

  • - Class types at the school level

Specialist support classes by school and support needs type

Multi-age or composite classes in NSW government schools

  • - Class sizes at the state level

Average government primary school class sizes by school size

Average government primary school class sizes by year

Student-to-teacher ratios in NSW government schools




NSW enrolments, attendance and retention

- Enrolments (by full-time equivalent or headcount) at school, region or state-level, can be accessed in the Schools category of the NSW Education Data Hub.

- Attendance and retention by region or classification and across statistical groupings can be accessed in the Attendance and retention category

- You can also access attendance data at the school level.


Course enrolments 


Socioeconomic status data 

- The Index of Socio-educational Advantage (ICSEA) is a scale developed by ACARA. The public schools master dataset holds each school's ICSEA value. 

- The Family Occupation and Education Index (FOEI) measures socioeconomic status and is used to determine Resource Allocation Model (RAM) funding. More information can be found on the NSW education website. A school's FOEI value can be found in the RAM dataset on the NSW Education Data Hub. 


Other national schooling data 

- The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) publishes publications covering national education statistics (with breakdowns by state), across all levels of education.

- ACARA provides various datasets through the Data Access program and data portal. 

- The Productivity Commission produces an annual report on government services, including education. Access the 2018 education report.


Attainment data

The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) holds information on all NSW schools, government and non-government. The NESA statistics archive has datasets relating to HSC, HSC preliminary, Stage 5 and School Certificate (2011 and earlier). 

The NSW Education Data Hub holds datasets summarising state-wide achievement, including:

- Number of students achieving the Record of School Achievement

- School Certificate completions in NSW public schools.


Higher education data

Higher education data is predominantly collected and owned by the federal government - Department of Education and Training (DET) and the Australian Bureau of Statistics. DET provides:

- selected Higher Education statistics published annually. 

- An interactive pivot table for Higher Education statistics. 


Vocational Education and Training (VET) data 

The National Centre of Vocational Education Research collects data on Vocational Education and Training. They have their own publications section and Data Hub. Details of VET courses run in particular schools can be found on MySchool (maintained by ACARA).


Child care

- Part B of the annual Report on Government Services covers child care, education and training. 

- The Australian Children's Education & Care Quality Authority holds the national register of approved education services. 

- The federal Department of Education and Training has a child care finder. 


Teachers, Workforce and Initial Teacher Education data

- A series of state-level datasets on teacher numbers, retentions and characteristics can be found in the Teachers category of the NSW Education Data Hub

- The Schools, Australia report on the ABS website provides a breakdown of teaching staff in Australia by state, including by school level and gender. 

- The Public Service Commission produces reports on the public sector workforce, which includes the workforce of NSW schools. The three main reports they produce annually are State of the Sector, Workforce profile and the People Matter Survey results. The People Matters Survey results is presented across the whole public service, as well as by clusters, of which Education is one cluster. 

- CESE provides a number of workforce profile reports specific to the NSW teaching profession. Simply search 'workforce' in our publication search

- The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) publishes the Initial Teacher Education data report.


History, heritage listings and schools

History of NSW government schools

- The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage has a searchable database of heritage items. You can search by item category 'school' under the additional search criteria. 


Information Access

Read more about Information Access and the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act) on the department's website. Previous GIPA releases are listed in the disclosure log