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Friday, 05 September 2014

Low socioeconomic status school Communities Smarter Schools National Partnership - Evaluation of school external partnerships, case studies, progress report 4

LowSES Ext Partnerships ProgRpt 4 

Evaluator company/business: University of Canberra and University of Melbourne

Year: 2013

URL or PDF: Download the Low socioeconomic status school communities Smarter Schools National Partnership - School external partnerships evaluation: Case studies, progress report 4 (PDF, 594kB)

Summary:  This report presents case studies of schools participating in the External Partnerships component of the Low socioeconomic status Schools National Partnership project. The report provides six case studies of government, Catholic and independent schools that implemented partnerships with universities, as well as updating six case studies from an earlier progress report bearing on schools that had engaged in parent partnerships. Schools reported that the creation of external partnerships with universities had raised awareness of pathways for students. The case studies demonstrated that successful partnerships are: supported by school leaders, avoid deficit approaches, have a strong focus on student learning, are characterised by reciprocal trust and mutual benefit, entail the construction of new enabling structures and need to be adequately resourced.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2013
  • Classification: Other Evidence
  • Study Type: Expert opinion
  • Evaluation Type: Both process and outcome

The evidence hierarchy

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