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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Evaluation of the NSW Clontarf Academies Program 2017

 Clontarf Rpt

Authors: Katrina Yu, Duncan Rintoul, Steven Hao, Ian Watkins, Wai-Yin Wan

Evaluator company/business: Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation, NSW Department of Education

Year: 2017

URL or PDF: Download the Evaluation of the NSW Clontarf Academies Program 2017 (PDF, 2MB)

Summary: This report presents the findings of CESE's evaluation of the Clontarf Academies program, which currently operates in 25 schools across NSW. The scope covers the 12 Academies established before 2016, with a focus on the seven established in 2012. This evaluation draws on administrative data on school attendance, retention, suspensions, NAPLAN participation, post-school outcomes and contact with the criminal justice system, as well as stakeholder interviews, site visits and a survey of Clontarf participants. The evaluation has three components: a process evaluation, an outcome evaluation and an economic evaluation.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2017
  • Classification: Unclassified
  • Study Type: Quasi-experimental
  • Evaluation Type: Both process and outcome

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