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Analysis of the NSW Smarter Schools National Partnerships Cross-sectoral Impact Survey (CSIS): Phase 1. Final Report.

CSIS 2011 Descriptive and Interpretive AnalysisAuthors: Fiona Christian, Wendy Hodge, Jade Maloney, Liesbeth Geerligs, Narelle Ong, Ofir Thaler, Miriam Motha, Rob Herbert

Evaluator Company/Business: ARTD Consultants

Year: 2012

URL or PDF: http://www.cese.nsw.gov.au/images/stories/PDF/CSIS_2011_Descriptive_and_Interpretive_Analysis-FINAL-REPORT.pdf

Summary:  This report presents the findings of the 2011 Cross Sectoral Impact Survey (CSIS) which gauged staff perceptions of the effectiveness of Smarter Schools National Partnerships (SSNP) reforms in NSW. The 2011 survey was administered to teachers, executives and principals from SSNP schools and responses were received from 662 of 936 SSNP schools . Analysis of survey results show, at the broadest level, SSNPs are driving reform however, no one clear coherent picture has arisen from the study.





Additional Info

  • Year: 2012
  • Classification: Silver
  • Study Type: Randomised controlled trial
  • Evaluation Type: Outcome
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