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Friday, 03 February 2017

Teachers Health Fund - school staff health and wellbeing grants program

School Staff Health Wellbeing Grant Project Final Rpt 2015

Authors: Meg Dione-Rodgers, Louise Taggart, Susan Harriman

Evaluator company/business: Quality Assurance Team, Policy, Planning and Reporting Unit, NSW Department of Education

Year: 2015

URL or PDF: Download the report on the Teachers Health Fund - School Staff Health and Wellbeing Grants Program (PDF, 1.44MB)
Summary: The evaluation of the School Staff Health and Wellbeing Grants Program was commissioned to describe the implementation of the funding program in nine schools and identify the effects on staff health and wellbeing, students and the school community. The methodology included: document reviews; interviews with program managers; and analysis of school self-evaluation reports. The evaluation found that the program generally worked well, with staff participants reporting health and wellbeing benefits such as increased fitness and flexibility, greater social interaction and improved staff morale.

Additional Info

  • Year: 2015
  • Classification: Gold
  • Study Type: Expert opinion
  • Evaluation Type: Both process and outcome

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