Business Intelligence

Business intelligence. Using data to inform and improve practice is key to both our education leaders and our people managers.

About BI

One of CESE's responsibilities is to build capacity across the whole education sector by developing intelligent tools to make complex data easy to use and understand, and to provide accessible reports so that everyone can make better use of data. In 2014, Business Intelligence (BI) was implemented to assist in meeting this responsibility. 


Who uses the BI tool?

In our schools the BI tool is available to people in a leadership position and supports our principals and school leaders in their management and local decision making. It assists them in their school planning and reporting processes by providing data on individual school enrolment, student performance, staff employment and community profiles and enhances the capacity and ability of leaders to engage with their local community for school decisions.

Our corporate people are able to use the BI tool for people and financial management and their day-to-day reporting and analysis.


Where is the data from?

The business intelligence data is drawn from a number of different sources both within and outside of the department. Externally we draw data from sources such as The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN), HSC, school enrolment, the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) and the Australian Bureau of Statistics Population Census. This is combined with data available from our internal systems such as student enrolment and performance, financial management, people management and professional learning.



What data is available?

The information available through BI is based around key focus areas that provides our school leaders with the data and evidence they need to carry out effective operational planning and assist with strategic and tactical decisions. This includes information around school enrolment, student performance resources and assets, and the communities in which the school operates.

Information is also available to support employee and financial management.



Why use BI?

School and corporate staff can benefit from business intelligence because the data included: 

  • gives staff insights into what works in their school or business unit and why
  • is refreshed regularly so users are always working with the most accurate, reliable and consistent data
  • is presented in an accessible and reportable format making it very easy to work with. 

The ultimate benefit of BI will be improved student outcomes. By improving all the different activities across the department, including how school executives and corporate staff manage their employees, spend their finances and how they plan, we aim to drive improvements in student outcomes. To learn more about how schools are using BI, watch the videos below. 


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