Friday, 13 July 2018

New registered professional learning for all NSW public school educators

CESE recently developed a series of registered professional learning courses for all public school teachers, school leaders and Directors, Educational Leadership. The purpose of this professional learning is to connect education theory and research with school context. The current courses include:

What's involved? 

There are three activities involved in each course:

  • reading or listening to a CESE publication
  • responding to a set of reflection questions
  • completing a short survey.

When the reflection responses are signed off by a supervisor, or a MyPL line manager, participants will receive 2 hours of accreditation.

If you would like to learn more about these courses, and the other face-to-face workshops that CESE offers, visit CESE’s new professional learning library. Here you will also find a flyer that includes role-based suggestions for undertaking the courses.
To register directly, visit MyPL and search ‘CESE’.

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