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Classroom management infographic


Classroom management infographic (PDF, 73kB)

This infographic is part of a collection of resources about classroom management. 


What does the infographic say?

Classroom management is a broad term that encompasses the preventative and responsive strategies teachers use to support and facilitate learning in the classroom.

Classroom management is vital for engaging students in academic and social and emotional learning. In NSW, students who report more effectively managed classrooms are more likely to report having a positive sense of belonging. However, many teachers do not feel confdent in their classroom management abilities.

• Less than half of Australian teachers felt well prepared to implement classroom management strategies after completing preservice teacher training.1

• Only 4 in 5 Australian teachers feel able to control disruptive behaviours in the classroom1

Effective classroom management requires both preventative strategies and responsive strategies

Preventative strategies

Preventative strategies are proactive and encourage students to be on-task, motivated to learn and prosocial. Effective preventative strategies include:

• positive classroom climates

• structured instruction to engage students

• effective rules and routines

• pre-corrections to remind students of expectations

• active supervision.

Responsive strategies

Responsive strategies are reactive and provide corrective responses to inappropriate behaviours. They support students to re-engage in learning. Effective corrective responses:

• identify why the student is disengaged or being disruptive

• are understood by the student

• are consistent and expected

• are given calmly

• are proportionate to the level of behaviour displayed.

For classroom management strategies to be most effective, there needs to be:

• commitment from individual teachers

• a consistent school-wide approach

• access to professional learning

• proactive wellbeing support for teachers.


1Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) 2019, TALIS 2018 results (volume 1): Teachers and school leader as lifelong learners, OECD publishing, Paris

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