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Smarter Schools National Partnerships (6)

Improving Literacy and Numeracy National Partnership

The Improving Literacy and Numeracy National Partnership (PDF, 2MB) publication outlines evidence-based approaches to lift the performance of students in literacy and numeracy, particularly for students who are falling behind and require extra support.

The partnership builds on the most successful strategies implemented in the previous National Partnership on Literacy and Numeracy, recognising the importance of:
• a whole-school approach to quality teaching
• inspirational leadership towards a culture of continuous school improvement
• using evidence and data to identify and address students' needs, using the most effective resources
• building capacity through professional learning
• collaboration and shared responsibility.

Evaluation of the take-up and sustainability of new literacy and numeracy practices in NSW schools (Erebus International)


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February 2012

Progress report 2 (PDF, 1MB)


August 2011

Progress report 1 (PDF, 1.1MB)


Strategic review of the outcomes of evaluations of literacy and numeracy programs

May 2013

Final report (PDF, 1.3MB)


August 2012

Progress report 1 (PDF, 1MB)


Evaluation of the sustainability of Literacy and Numeracy National Partnership initiatives

This report sets out the progress and initial findings of the sustainability phase of the evaluation of the implementation of the NSW National Partnership for Literacy and Numeracy. 

May 2013

Progress report (PDF, 1.3MB)

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Improving teacher quality, 2013

Evaluation of the impact of selected reforms of the Improving Teacher Quality National Partnership (University of New England)

December 2012

Progress Report 2 (PDF, 3.4MB)

May 2012

Progress Report 1 (PDF, 2.5MB)


Evaluation of school external partnerships (University of Canberra)

June 2014 progress report 5 (PDF, 1MB)

November 2013 progress report 4

September 2013 progress report 3

December 2012 progress report 2

June 2012 progress report 1 (PDF, 1.1MB)

Evaluation of school staffing, management and accountability initiatives (University of Melbourne)

The report shares findings from a survey of school principals of schools participating in the low socio-economic status (SES) Smarter Schools National Partnerships (SSNP). Responses were received from more than 59% of schools participating in the low-SES SSNP across all three education sectors. The report provides valuable information about the implementation and perceived effectiveness of low-SES SSNP staffing, management and accountability initiatives across school contexts.

July 2014 progress report 6 (PDF, 3MB)

May 2014 progress report 5

October 2013 progress report 4

May 2013 progress report 3

October 2012 progress report 2

April 2012 progress report 1 (PDF, 1MB)


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On November 18, Professor Stephen Lamb presented at a CESE Seminar on:

• Recent changes in school funding
• Evidence of impact of funding
• Evidence from evaluations of NSW low SES National Partnerships
• Conditions for ensuring success.


You can view the slides from the presentation:


Or download them (PDF, 600kB)


SSNP Report Image

Bilateral agreements with the Commonwealth to implement the three Smarter Schools National Partnerships (SSNP) require regular reporting to the Commonwealth on progress towards implementing the reforms of each partnership.

The three NSW SSNPs are Improving Teacher Quality (ITQ NP), Literacy and Numeracy (LN NP) and Low Socio-economic Status School Communities (Low SES NP).

For each calendar year, NSW produces two state-wide, cross-sectoral reports on behalf of the government, Catholic and independent schools sectors - a progress report due in October (for the first six months of the year), followed by an annual report due in April (for the previous year).
Acceptance of the reports by the Commonwealth triggers further SSNP funding to NSW.


2013 annual report (PDF, 1MB)

2013 progress report (PDF, 1MB)


2012 annual report (PDF, 1MB)

2012 progress report (PDF, 1.5MB)


2011 annual report (PDF, 2MB)

2011 progress report (PDF, 1MB)


2010 annual report (PDF, 1MB)

2010 progress report (PDF, 1MB)


2009 annual report (PDF, 1.1MB)

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