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Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Inclusive education case studies discussion guide

Inclusive education case studies discussion guide (PDF, 229kB)

Inclusive education case studies discussion guide (PDF, 229kB)

Case studies on inclusive education



This discussion guide has been created to support principals, executive and teachers to unpack and reflect on CESE’s case studies on inclusive education in NSW schools and to consider how the content is relevant to their own school contexts.



This discussion guide is designed to be used in a group setting with colleagues from your school or network. If working with colleagues from other schools, consider sharing differences and similarities in inclusive education at your schools during the discussion.
1. Working in pairs or a small group, allocate 1-2 case studies to each person.
2. As you read the case studies allocated to you, consider:
a. What are the main themes covered in this case study?
b. What examples are provided for each theme?
c. What else stood out to you?
3. In your pair or small group:
a. Explain the context of the school you read about and share the main themes covered in the case study.
b. Identify which of the themes can be seen at your school. Discuss similarities or differences in what this
looks like in your school compared to the case study school.
c. Identify themes or examples from the case study that could be put in place in your school or classroom.
Discuss what action is needed to do this.
d. Consider who should be involved in the actions you’ve identified in point c. What can you do to get
started on implementing some of these actions?

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