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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Schools and students: 2017 statistical bulletin

Schools and Students: 2017 Statistical Bulletin (PDF, 807kB)

Download Schools and students: 2017 statistical bulletin (PDF, 807kB)


The annual schools and students statistical bulletin

Every year, CESE publishes a snapshot of data collected across NSW government schools. The 2017 statistical bulletin presents tables and charts on school characteristics, student enrolments, attendance rates and more.


Key statistics from 2017

• In August 2017, there were 2,209 government schools and 100 preschools.
• The average class size for Kindergarten to Year 6 was 24.1 students.
• Total enrolments reached 791,039.8 full-time equivalent students, continuing the rising trend which began in 2008.
• 1,930 students were studying part-time, equivalent to 1206.8 full-time students.
• 24,391 students were enrolled in support classes or schools for specific purposes.
• 2679.6 students were enrolled in distance education.
• 7.5% of students identified as Aboriginal, totalling 59,214.2 students.
• 34.2% of students (272,401 students) were from a language background other than English.
• 80,222 primary students studied a language other than English, with Chinese (Mandarin) the most popular language.
• Japanese was the most popular language studied by students in Years 7 to 9, at 25,472 students.
• The Year 7 to 12 apparent retention rate was 77.4 per cent in 2017, the highest rate recorded.
• 38,774 students were awarded an HSC in 2017, including 1,222 Aboriginal students.
• The average attendance rate was 91.3% in 2017.


For more statistics

Visit the NSW Education Data Hub or read our other statistical publications.

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