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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Effective leadership

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Effective Leadership (PDF, 1.1MB) 

Effective Leadership myPL course

This publication presents a snapshot of the current workforce profile of principals in NSW government schools. It also outlines the research evidence on what makes an effective principal and the best ways to identify, develop and support aspiring school principals.

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LowSES Staff Mngmnt Accnt ProgRpt2

Evaluator Company/Business: The University of Melbourne’s Centre for Research on Education Systems (CRES)

Year: 2012

URL or PDF: Download the Low socioeconomic status school communities Smarter Schools National Partnership - Evaluation of school staffing, management and accountability initiatives: Case studies, progress report 2 (PDF, 1.25MB)

Summary:  This is the second progress report on the Staffing, Management and Accountability components of the Low Socio-economic School Communities National Partnership (Low SES NP). The report presents seven case studies of schools that have implemented initiatives related to staffing, management and accountability. The case studies revealed that schools had focused on five key areas: investing in teacher quality, building leadership capacity, staffing flexibility and sustainability, implementing innovative teaching and learning approaches and building organisational capacity and a culture of accountability. 

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