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LitNum Phase 3 Sustainability


Authors: Tim Wyatt and Robert Carbines

Evaluator Company/Business: Erebus International

Year: 2014

URL or PDF: Download the Literacy and Numeracy Smarter Schools National Partnership - Evaluation of the take-up and sustainability of new literacy and numeracy practices in NSW schools: Phase 3 final report (PDF, 671kB)

Summary:  This report examines the sustainability of the impact of the National Partnership for Literacy and Numeracy (NPLN) in NSW, two years after the cessation of funding for the initiative. The report analyses data from a principal survey, 20 case studies and student achievement data. The evaluation found that sustained positive impact was evident where schools experienced continuity of key staff; where there was a strong understanding of the goals of the NPLN within the school and where staff possessed a strong commitment to improve student outcomes. Despite positive anecdotal evidence, the evaluation found that there was no significant change in student outcomes in SSNP schools as measured by average NAPLAN reading and numeracy scores.

Published in Evaluation repository


Cross-sectoral Impact Survey Rpt 1 Nov2012


Authors: Fiona Christian, Wendy Hodge, Jade Maloney, Liesbeth Geerligs, Narelle Ong, Ofir Thaler, Miriam Motha, Rob Herbert

Evaluator Company/Business: ARTD Consultants

Year: 2012

URL or PDF: Download the Phase 1 final report (PDF, 3.5MB)

Summary:  This report presents the findings of the 2011 cross-sectoral impact survey, which gauged staff perceptions of the effectiveness of Smarter Schools National Partnerships (SSNP) reforms in NSW. The 2011 survey was administered to teachers, executives and principals from SSNP schools and responses were received from 662 of 936 SSNP schools . Analysis of survey results show, at the broadest level, SSNPs are driving reform however, no one clear coherent picture has arisen from the study. 


Cross-sectoral Impact Survey Rpt 2 Apr2013  

Authors: Fiona Christian, Wendy Hodge, Liesbeth Geerligs, Ioana Ramia, Narelle Ong and Jade Maloney

Evaluator Company/Business: ARTD Consultants

Year: 2013

URL or PDF: Download the wave 2 report (PDF, 2MB) or the wave 3 final report (PDF, 2.6MB)

Summary:  These reports present the findings of the 2012 cross-sectoral impact survey, which aimed to capture responses from 247 of the 936 NSW schools participating in one or more Smarter School National Partnership (SSNP) initiatives. Responses were received from 178 schools and 829 individuals: 123 principals, 296 executives and 410 teachers. The findings are based on observational and self-reported data. Most schools were participating in the Low Socio-economic School Community National Partnership (61 per cent), the Improving Teacher Quality National Partnership (23 per cent) or a combination of Partnerships (15 per cent). The authors report that many strategies have been successfully implemented under the SSNP and in combination, these are leading both directly and indirectly to significant educational changes within schools, particularly improvements in teacher capacity and professional collaboration within the school. 

Published in Evaluation repository

LitNum Phase 1 Evaluation

Authors: Tim Wyatt and Robert Carbines

Evaluator Company/Business: Erebus International

Year: 2012

URL or PDF: Download (PDF, 2MB).

Summary:  This report sets out the first phase of the evaluation of the implementation of the NSW National Partnership for Literacy and Numeracy (NPLN). The NPLN reforms target multiple areas in the school environment including leadership and school management, planning, pedagogy, programs and resources, student engagement, and school‐community relationships. Data gathered included Interviews with key stakeholders, online survey, case studies and analyses of NAPLAN literacy and numeracy data. Evaluation data shows progress in all targeted areas and that the NPLN provides a useful model for future strategic initiatives. 

Published in Evaluation repository

Improving Literacy and Numeracy National Partnership

The Improving Literacy and Numeracy National Partnership (PDF, 2MB) publication outlines evidence-based approaches to lift the performance of students in literacy and numeracy, particularly for students who are falling behind and require extra support.

The partnership builds on the most successful strategies implemented in the previous National Partnership on Literacy and Numeracy, recognising the importance of:
• a whole-school approach to quality teaching
• inspirational leadership towards a culture of continuous school improvement
• using evidence and data to identify and address students' needs, using the most effective resources
• building capacity through professional learning
• collaboration and shared responsibility.

Evaluation of the take-up and sustainability of new literacy and numeracy practices in NSW schools (Erebus International)


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February 2012

Progress report 2 (PDF, 1MB)


August 2011

Progress report 1 (PDF, 1.1MB)


Strategic review of the outcomes of evaluations of literacy and numeracy programs

May 2013

Final report (PDF, 1.3MB)


August 2012

Progress report 1 (PDF, 1MB)


Evaluation of the sustainability of Literacy and Numeracy National Partnership initiatives

This report sets out the progress and initial findings of the sustainability phase of the evaluation of the implementation of the NSW National Partnership for Literacy and Numeracy. 

May 2013

Progress report (PDF, 1.3MB)

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

What works?

What works? (PDF, 2MB)

What works? (PDF, 2MB) presents findings from the independent evaluation of the National Partnership on Literacy and Numeracy.

Published in Learning Curve
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