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Teachers discuss how data can make a difference in schools. 
In this podcast, high school Head Teacher, Ben North, and Deputy Principals, Karyn O'Brien and Daniel French, give us an insight into how data can make a difference in schools. They discuss why knowing how to use data is important for teachers, the tools and resources that are available to schools and examples of where using data has improved student engagement and achievement in schools. Ben, Karyn and Daniel are all teachers who are currently on secondment in CESE. They work on a range of projects, including delivering Scout training and professional learning sessions about using data with confidence.

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Using data to inform practice is one of the seven key themes outlined in CESE's What works best report.

ttfm case studies

Tell Them From Me is an online survey system that assists schools to capture the views of students, teachers and parents. The following case studies highlight how a variety of government schools have used Tell Them From Me survey data to identify and make broad improvements to student engagement, wellbeing and teaching practices.

Macquarie Fields High School (PDF, 350kB) Using Tell Them From Me data as a starting point for consultation with the broader school community.

Northlakes High School (PDF, 1.4MB) Using Tell Them From Me data to identify issues and inform responses.

Berry Public School (PDF, 250kB) Using Tell Them From Me to capture student, teacher and parent voice and inform responses.

Fairvale High School (PDF, 960kB) Using Tell Them From Me to set targets for school improvement in the school plan.

Hammondville Public School (PDF, 250kB) Using Tell Them From Me to improve teaching practices.

Published in Tell Them From Me
Friday, 05 September 2014

Action learning: what works?

Action Learning What Works 2004-05 QTAL

Authors: Peter Aubusson, Laurie Brady and Steve Dinham

Evaluator company/business: University of Technology, Sydney and University of Wollongong

Year: 2005

URL or Pdf: Download the report on Action Learning: What Works? (Pdf, 304KB)

Summary: This action learning style evaluation of the Australian Government Quality Teaching Program (AGQTP) aimed to investigate the conditions which influence teachers’ implementation of an inquiry-based approach to changing teaching practice. The evaluation of 50 action learning projects implemented in 82 NSW government schools involved survey of action learning schools, the examination of school project self-reports, analysis of mini-journals and case studies. The authors concluded that the inquiry-based approach (action learning), combined with the NSW model of pedagogy promoted, for example, collaboration and fostered reflection, facilitated ongoing change, cultivated quality teaching and stimulated changes to practice. The report also identified assisting and constraining factors in the implementation of inquiry-based approach in teaching practice. 

Published in Evaluation repository

Count Me In Too Learning Framework in Number 2008


Author: Janette Bobis

Evaluator company/business: University of Sydney

Year: 2009

URL or PDF: Download the report on Count Me In Too - The learning framework in number and its impact on teacher knowledge and pedagogy (PDF, 1.7 MB)

Summary: The aim of this study was to determine the impact of teacher professional learning on teacher knowledge of the Learning Framework In Number (LFIN) from the Count Me In Too (CMIT) numeracy project. Three primary schools were purposively selected and a case study of each school was compiled. Data from surveys, interviews and school documentation were collected. The overall results of the study indicated that there was a diverse range of knowledge of CMIT and the use of LFIN in schools. 

Published in Evaluation repository

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