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 LowSES Staff Mngmnt Accnt ProgRpt5

Evaluator company/business: University of Melbourne

Year: 2014

URL or PDF: Download the Low socioeconomic status School Communities Smarter Schools National Partnership - Evaluation of staffing, management and accountability initiatives: Results from teacher survey, progress report 5 (PDF, 3MB)

Summary:  This report presents results from a survey of teachers at NSW schools participating in the evaluation of school staffing, management and accountability initiatives as part of the Low Socioeconomic Status School Communities Smarter Schools National Partnership (the Low SES NP). An online teacher survey was completed by 2,408 teachers in 346 schools. Teacher responses were mostly positive about the impact of the Low SES NP with a high proportion indicating that collaboration between teachers had increased, the school was a better place to learn and that as teachers, they were able to meet the individual needs of their students more effectively. 

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