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Connected Communities strategy

Authors: Andrew Griffiths, Ian Watkins, Francis Matthew-Simmons, Stephen Summerlin

Evaluator company/business: Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation

Year: 2020

URL or PDF: Connected Communities Strategy evaluation report

Summary: The final evaluation report examined the implementation and impact of the Connected Communities Strategy.

The report drew on a wide range of data, including school and stakeholder interviews, student performance data (attendance, NAPLAN, retention to Year 12, HSC) and survey data (Tell Them From Me, Post-School Destinations and Expectations and a bespoke survey for parents/carers and teachers).

Overall, Connected Communities is showing promising results. Connected Communities has had a positive impact in schools, particuarly in outcomes for students in their early years. The strategy appears to be more effective at the primary level than the secondary level. The primary school cohort of students who have been 'fully exposed' to Connected Communities for their entire time at school appear to be showing the greatest benefit from the strategy in terms of NAPLAN results, and appear to be more developmentally ready for school than earlier cohorts. Further time will be required to see if the results in later years improve as this cohort of students continues through its schooling.

Both implementation and outcomes have varied across individual schools. The buy-in of all staff remains key to the successful implementation of Connected Communities.

Published in Evaluation repository

Connected Communities Strategy Interim Rpt

Author: Andrew Goodall

Evaluator company/business: Internal to DoE - Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation

Year: 2015
URL or Pdf: Download the Connected Communities Strategy - Interim Evaluation Report (Pdf, 2.25MB)
Summary: This report presents findings about the implementation of the Connected Communities Strategy and early impacts on student indicators. The findings were informed by site visits to all 15 participating school communities, reviews of program documentation and analysis of administrative data. The findings indicate that there had been many positive changes at Connected Communities schools but that several key features of the Strategy were yet to be implemented according to the original intent. There was also minimal evidence of any improvements in student outcomes, although it was acknowledged that it was too early to draw conclusions about the impact of the Strategy in this area.

Published in Evaluation repository

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