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What works best in schools to improve student outcomes? This paper will look at the following seven themes from the growing bank of evidence.

1. Setting high expectations (5:32)
2. Using explicit teaching practices (15:30)
3. Providing effective feedback (23:33)
4. Using data to inform future practice (30:01)
5. Establishing and maintaining effective classroom management (38:00)
6. Supporting student wellbeing (43:35)
7. Engaging in effective professional collaboration (53:28)

Read by Samuel Cox, CESE.

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what works best

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    what works best

    This course focuses on the participant connecting educational theory and research with their context.

    Mode of delivery: online 
    Accredited hours: 2
    myPL course code: RG04031
    Themes: high expectations, explicit teaching, effective feedback, use of data to inform practice, classroom management, wellbeing, collaboration

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    • effective feedback
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    • classroom management
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