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These reports are part of an ongoing evaluation of Great Teaching, Inspired Learning (GTIL). GTIL is the NSW government's plan to improve the quality of teaching in NSW schools. Learn more about GTIL.

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The evaluations

CESE evaluated key reforms under GTIL relating to:
• school leadership initiatives
• cadet and internship programs
• professional experience.

School leadership initiatives

School leadership initiatives evaluation summary (PDF, 430kB)

School leadership initiatives full report (PDF, 2MB)

CESE evaluated three key reforms under GTIL that aim to support leadership development among existing, new and aspiring leaders. The reforms evaluated were the:
• NSW Public School Leadership and Management Credential (action 15.3)
• Leadership Development Initiative (actions 14.1 and 14.2)
• Principal, School Leadership Initiative (action 15.2).

Cadetship and internship programs

Cadetship and internship programs evaluation summary (PDF, 266kB)

Cadetship and internship programs full report (PDF, 2MB)

CESE conducted an evaluation of two GTIL actions designed to attract high achieving students into the teaching profession in areas of workforce need. The department introduced the Cadetship and Internship Programs in 2014 to address these actions.
Cadets and interns are employed on a part-time basis during their teacher education studies to provide support to classroom teachers. They are guaranteed a permanent teaching position in a NSW public school upon completion of their studies.

Professional experience 

Professional experience evaluation summary (PDF, 260kB)

Professional experience full report (PDF, 1.5MB)

CESE conducted an evaluation of the key GTIL actions designed to improve the quality of professional experience placements for pre-service teachers. The report presents the findings in relation to the implementation and early impacts of:
• Closer matching of supply and demand for graduate teachers through the introduction of Professional Experience Agreements (action 4.2)
• Establishment of specialist professional experience schools (action 4.3)
• Professional learning for professional experience supervisors (action 4.4)
• Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers leading professional experience activities (action 4.5).

Published in Research report

GTIL Beginner Teacher Support Rpt 2017 

Authors: James Finn, Liz  Gould, Andrew Goodall, Ian Watkins

Evaluator company/business: Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation, NSW Department of Education

Year: 2017

URL or PDF: Download the Great Teaching, Inspired Learning Beginning Teacher support evaluation report (PDF, 2.67MB)

Summary: This evaluation examined the implementation and impact of Great Teaching, Inspired Learning reforms to support teachers at the beginning of their careers - specifically, induction, and mentoring and release time. The evaluation included statistical analysis of survey results, document analysis, and qualitative analysis of interviews and focus groups. Findings noted that the policy is not being fully implemented as planned, as not all beginning teachers are receiving their full entitlement of release time and mentoring. However, evidence suggests that the mentoring and release time that is being received is having a positive impact on beginning teachers' practice and teaching confidence. 

Published in Evaluation repository

This report provides a profile of the NSW teaching workforce. It includes data that detail teachers' characteristics and experiences from entry into initial teacher education through to exit from the profession. The report provides information on both government and non-government school teachers as well as teachers in training. It has been created in response to element 5.1 of Great Teaching, Inspired Learning (GTIL), the NSW Government's plan for improving the quality of teaching and learning in NSW schools.

workforceprofile2014 updated

The Workforce Profile of the NSW Teaching Profession - 2014 update (PDF, 1MB), released February 2016, builds on data included in the previous report.

Workforce profile of the NSW teaching profession 2014

The Workforce Profile of the NSW Teaching Profession 2014 (PDF, 1.4MB) released December 2014. 


Published in Research report

Great Teaching, Inspired learning

High-quality teaching is the greatest in-school influence on student engagement and outcomes. Given current concerns about Australia’s declining performance on international assessments, particularly when compared with high-performing Asian and other countries, there is significant interest in the contribution that high-quality teaching can make to improving educational results.

Download the full publication (PDF, 1.7MB).

Published in Research report

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