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Eddie Woo chats to CESE about maths, teaching and what works best.

Recently, CESE's Alex Oo had the opportunity to sit down with Eddie Woo, Head Teacher Mathematics from Cherrybrook Technology High School. Alex and Eddie discussed a range of topics, including:

  • why Eddie teaches maths
  • the importance of maths
  • how Eddie works with students who think they aren't good at maths
  • the value of using questions in the classroom
  • the methods Eddie uses to ensure every student is learning.

In addition to the podcast above, you can read the transcript (DOCX, 32kB) or watch the interview on Youtube

Read more about our research on What works best.

Maths 2

Given the increasing importance of STEM in education, enrolments in calculus mathematics for the HSC have dropped over the last 15 years. Why aren't students studying higher level maths? (PDF, 1.2MB) looks at whether there is an ATAR scaling advantage for non-calculus mathematics over calculus mathematics and whether that provides a reason for the dropping enrolments.

Published in Research report

literature review (PDF, 1.7MB)

This literature review (PDF, 1.7MB)  examines the evidence base for the effectiveness of tutoring interventions in maths for disadvantaged students. It explores the impact of tutoring on student achievement in maths and the elements of best-practice that are most likely to yield the greatest gains in student achievement.

Published in Research report

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