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Join Dr Ben North, Dr Carina Dennis and Cate Stilwell as they discuss gifted education and CESE's research in this area, including the Revisiting gifted education literature review

This conversation was recorded at Greenacre Public School in 2018.

Read the Gifted education podcast transcript (PDF, 165kB).

The What works best: 2020 update audio paper outlines eight quality teaching practices that are known to support school improvement and enhance the learning outcomes of our students. The themes are not an exhaustive list of effective practices, but are a useful framework for teachers and school leaders to consider when deciding how to tackle student improvement.

Read by Rachel Smith, Samuel Cox and Vicki Russell.

Read the What works best: 2020 update publication.

Friday, 16 November 2018

What works best – audio paper

What works best in schools to improve student outcomes? This paper will look at the following seven themes from the growing bank of evidence.

1. Setting high expectations (5:32)
2. Using explicit teaching practices (15:30)
3. Providing effective feedback (23:33)
4. Using data to inform future practice (30:01)
5. Establishing and maintaining effective classroom management (38:00)
6. Supporting student wellbeing (43:35)
7. Engaging in effective professional collaboration (53:28)

Read by Samuel Cox, CESE.

Download the transcript (PDF, 204kB)

Go to the full paper.

what works best

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