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Wednesday, 01 February 2017

Galuwa scholarship program evaluation

Galuwa Scholarship Prog Final Rpt 2015

Authors: Tim Gorrod, Louise Taggart, Meg Dione-Rodgers, Dr Susan Harriman, Dr Nadine Smith

Evaluator company/business: Quality Assurance Team, Policy, Planning and Reporting Unit, NSW Department of Education

Year: 2014

URL or PDF: Download the Final report of the program evaluation of The Galuwa scholarship program (PDF, 2.92MB)
Summary: This report reviews the aims of the Galuwa scholarship program and assesses the impact of the program on students' educational achievement, cultural knowledge, self-confidence and career knowledge and pathways. The report also investigates the role and impact of the key strategies of the program: action plans, individual tuition and career aspiration hubs. A multi-method approach was employed to evaluate the impact of the Galuwa scholarship program. Quantitative methods include analysis of NAPLAN data, as well as analysis of survey data of students and staff. Qualitative methods include a review of program documents, interviews with key stakeholders, observation of activities and open-ended questions included in the surveys of students and staff. The evaluation found that the scholarship was a highly motivating factor for students, with different aspects of the program being most powerful for different students.


Published in Evaluation repository

literature review (PDF, 1.7MB)

This literature review (PDF, 1.7MB)  examines the evidence base for the effectiveness of tutoring interventions in maths for disadvantaged students. It explores the impact of tutoring on student achievement in maths and the elements of best-practice that are most likely to yield the greatest gains in student achievement.

Published in Research report

Norta Norta Sponsorship Prog Final Rpt Exec Summ


Authors: Louise Taggart, Diana Eqbal, Meg Dione and Barry Laing

Evaluator company/business: Quality Assurance Team Policy, Planning and Reporting Unit, NSW Department of Education

Year: 2013

URL or PDF: Download the Final report of the program evaluation of Norta Norta Individual Sponsorship Program - executive summary (PDF, 371kB)

Summary:  The evaluation of the Year 11 and 12 Norta Norta Individual Sponsorship Program aimed to measure the extent to which Norta Norta has achieved its objectives in improving learning and levels of achievement, creating more positive attitudes, strengthening engagement with school and improving attendance and retention for Year 12 Aboriginal students. Data was gathered from school staff, students, tutors and Higher School Certificate results. More than 90 per cent of school staff and tutor survey respondents rated the overall program as either highly or moderately effective. The apparent retention rate for Aboriginal students increased from 33 per cent in 2009 to 43 per cent in 2012. 

Published in Evaluation repository

Lit Num NP Prog Eval MultiLit

Authors: Alison Wallace, Rohan Pigott, Chloe Harkness and Amanda McAtamney

Evaluator company/business: Urbis 

Year: 2012

URL or PDF: Download the National Partnership on Literacy and Numeracy - External Evaluation of the Selected NPLN NSW Programs: MULTILIT final report (PDF, 2MB)

Summary:  This report presents evaluation findings on the effectiveness of the Making Up Lost Time in Literacy Reading Tutor Program (MULTILIT). Data collection included site visits to nine schools, an online survey, stakeholder interviews and National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy assessment data. Findings from the evaluation revealed there was considerable variation in the implementation of the program approach across the schools with only 16 per cent of schools implementing the recommended number of sessions. Nevertheless, gains were observed in some students assessment data and the majority of survey respondents believed overall the program was effective for improving reading. 

Published in Evaluation repository

 Norta Norta Sponsorship Prog Interim Rpt Exec Summ

Evaluator company/business: Policy, Planning and Reporting Unit, NSW Department of Education

Year: 2012

URL or PDF: Download the interim report of the Norta Norta individual sponsorship program evaluation (PDF, 432kB).

Summary:  The purpose of this formative evaluation was to measure the extent to which the Norta Norta Individual Sponsorship Program had achieved its objectives of improving engagement, attendance and retention of Year 12 Aboriginal students. Data was gathered by online surveys from school staff, students and tutors from more than 100 schools and interviews with principals, teachers, Aboriginal staff, students, tutors and parents and community members in a sample of 18 schools across eight NSW regions. The study found that almost 80% of all eligible students took part in the sponsorship program in 2011. While the authors noted that was difficult to directly attribute improvements in learning outcomes and student engagement to Norta Norta alone, early observations indicated an improvement in educational outcomes for students such as improved course completion; improved engagement with schooling in general; improved attendance and increased rates of completion of Year 12 and completion of the HSC and enhanced post‐school aspirations. 

Published in Evaluation repository

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