Information Management publications

Information Management Publications

The list below shows some of the key relevant documents for each process of the Information Management Framework. Publications that are not yet available are italicised.


Information Management Strategy (pdf, 1Mb)

Information Management Strategy Roadmap (pdf, 1Mb)

Information Management: A Strategic Overview (pdf, 1.3Mb)

Information Management Responsibility and Accountability Guidelines


Data Collection Protocol


Information Asset Management Plan

Metadata Management Plan
Enterprise Data Architecture Plan


 NSW Government Digital Information Security Policy (pdflink to Office of Finance and Services)

NSW Government Digital Information Security Policy: DEC Implementation Guidelines
Privacy Management Plan


Data Use Protocol
Business Intelligence Strategy


Data Release Protocol (pdf, 2.5Mb)

DEC Open Data Policy (pdf, 0.5Mb)
DEC Open Data Implementation Plan (pdf, 0.5Mb)
DEC Open Data Register
NSW DEC Data Sharing MOU Template 


 DEC Data Retention and Disposal Policy

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