NSW SSNP Reports to Commonwealth

NSW Smarter Schools National Partnership Reports to Commonwealth (1)

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Bilateral Agreements with the Commonwealth to implement the three Smarter Schools National Partnerships require regular reporting to the Commonwealth on progress towards implementing the reforms of each Partnership.

The three NSW Smarter Schools National Partnerships are Improving Teacher Quality (ITQ NP), Literacy and Numeracy (LN NP) and Low Socio-economic Status School Communities (Low SES NP).

For each calendar year, NSW produces two state-wide, cross-sectoral reports on behalf of the government, Catholic and independent schools sectors - a Progress Report due in October (for the first six months of the year), followed by an Annual Report due in April (for the previous year).
Acceptance of the reports by the Commonwealth triggers further SSNP funding to NSW.



Annual Report (PDF, 1Mb)

Progress Report (PDF, 1Mb)



Annual Report (PDF, 1Mb)

Progress Report (PDF, 1.5Mb)



Annual Report (PDF, 2Mb)

Progress Report (PDF, 1Mb)



Annual Report (PDF, 1Mb)

Progress Report (PDF, 1Mb)



Annual Report (PDF, 1.1Mb)

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